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Association „Zasadi stablo, ne budi panj!” implements a successful continuous tree planting campaign in the Republic of Croatia at the local, regional and national level. The implementation of the project at the national level is sponsored by FINA and SBERBANK.

Natural ecosystems are key to maintaining human progress, especially now that the world is warming due to the effects of climate change, and as many as 65% of the Paris Agreement signatories have committed themselves to restoring or preserving ecosystems, but many have not put the theory into practice. In its national strategies, Europe suggests implementing a green fiscal policy, ie investing resources in environmental examples of good practice in order to meet the global goals of the EU Green Plan, take measures and implement development plans in several priority areas, which will help the transition to low-carbon development. and in protecting the environment and reducing the risk of climate change.

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More work should be done on such environmental projects to reach the full capacity of the final plan, including the civil sector, the local and regional government sector and the business sector. The mentioned sectors will have the opportunity to confirm their socially and environmentally responsible business and at the same time give their contribution to the implementation of strategies. In addition to some local and regional governments in the Republic of Croatia, FINA and SBERBANK have mostly recognized the success of the project and through the form of sponsorship of the same will help meet the goal set in this project as a collective planting of trees. The funds will be used to provide planting material for all registered educational institutions in the Republic of Croatia.

In addition to project financing, aware of the need for action and environmentally oriented employees and managers of FINA and SBERBANK are personally involved in planting throughout Croatia in agreement with the competent branch of the Association, and thus encouraged their employees to participate in activities aimed at to preserve the environment and contribute to the fight against existing and upcoming climate change. By investing in a collective tree planting campaign project, they raise environmental awareness among their employees and the wider community, affirm socially environmentally responsible business, and thus support the implementation of climate change mitigation strategies according to EU standards. Corporate social responsibility is a concept in which the business entity and the community itself decide on a voluntary basis to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment, in interaction with other stakeholders.

The project was realized for the first time in 2019 as a civic initiative and soon took on a serious identity, and last year the Association of the same name “Plant a tree, do not be a stump!” was founded. Apart from the fact that the campaign is special in that it is implemented at the state level, and that it includes cross-sectoral cooperation and educational purposes in order for the stakeholders to acquire knowledge and skills, all planted locations will also be digitally displayed. All planted areas in the Republic of Croatia will be digitally cartographically visualized on the following link: / . For the purpose of more transparent and publicly accessible insight into the results, in cooperation with CROGIS – Center for Sustainable Development of GIS Technologies, a webGIS application was established with the aim of entering valid information about each planted locality (geographical location, site name, participants, type and number). planted seedlings).

The importance of digital communication in a project of this scale has been recognized, accordingly the strategic partner Arbona strong> , the digital agency realizes the digital side of the campaign. Two-way stakeholder communication and accessibility through digital channels is a prerequisite for equal participation of all stakeholders in an active role in the project and the contribution of the campaign. Since the digital transformation has greatly facilitated communication, the potential of modern digitalization has been exploited, and the support of management itself is a key prerequisite for the successful implementation of the project.


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