EduTree Teambuilding

mobilisis zasadi stablo

Mobilisis teambuilding day

In order to emphasize social values and better social systems, we enable our partners, environmental partners, to be part of the change for a better future.

One such day spent in our public orchard in Varaždin with the company Mobilisis, which donated funds for the purchase of orchard equipment, reminded us all together how important it is to build localized social capital. By working together, we build a more environmentally conscious community, strengthen the individual’s independent skills and other values, which will contribute to the greater evaluation of the environmental norms of the entire team.



Such activities are small steps towards raising awareness of climate change, and ultimately this results in us starting to turn more to issues of public environmental importance.

By the method of creating sustainable human ecological communities that they imitate
patterns and interconnections as we find them in nature, we build mutual trust, the company’s reputation as a socially responsible environmental company, and we bring together an interdisciplinary set of knowledge and skills about planting and sustainable use of natural resources such as soil and water.

The community is strengthened through the acceptance of practical possibilities to create a system and mechanisms that burden the environment less and achieve greater self-sustainability.

The lecture on permaculture and fruit planting was given by Goran Huljenić, associate, President of the Association Mateja-Anđelina Kramar, and on the construction of a birdhouse and a villa for the hedgehog family Manuel Jačmenović and Ivana Gračanac Moguš from the Ornithological Laboratory.

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